My Work

I love talking about creativity, productivity, and finding meaningful work. You can view some of my favorite pieces here.


Find Your Way Forward: A Step-By-Step Guide to Uncovering Career Insights and Charting Your Own Next Move, available on Amazon

“Bust Out of Procrastination Nation: How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” The Startup

“Why You Don’t Know What to Do With Your Life and How to Figure It Out,” The Startup

“How to Kickstart Your Job Search and Land a Role You Love,” Fullstack Academy

“You are Not a Fraud: How to Quell Your Imposter Syndrome and Keep Kicking Butt,” Fullstack Academy

“Making the Leap: How to Build Your Skillset and Switch Careers,” Fullstack Academy

“Want to Build a Better Product, Team, and Company? Cultivate Empathy First,” Fullstack Academy

“3 Steps for Bridging ‘The Confidence Gap,'” 99U

Andrea Tsurumi: You’ll Never Have ‘Enough Time,'” 99U

“Don’t Break the Chain,” Hopscotch 

“What’s So Great About Creativity Anyway?”, Hopscotch

Interviews and Press Features

“Why it’s Totally Okay Not to Be Productive Right now,” Supermaker

“Episode 4: Career Changes in Tech with Meg Duffy,” BCC:All

“Answering the Interview Question: What is Your Work Style?”, Upjourney

“6 Job Search Tips for New Grads and Anyone Else Starting Their Careers During the Coronavirus Pandemic,” The Muse

“On Making Big, Scary Career Changes, Career Uncertainty, and Why We’re Afraid of New Things with Meg Duffy,” The Art of Speaking Up podcast

“Superpowers,” Guts N’ Glory podcast

“Why Coding Bootcampers Get Imposter Syndrome (and How to Kick It)”, Course Report

“Transitioning into Tech: A Marlow Conversation with Meg Duffy,” Marlow

“Women Developer Panel: Grace Hopper Q&A,” Fullstack Academy