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I’m so glad I decided to work with Meg. Starting a job search after six years at one company was scary, but Meg really put me at ease. She helped me clearly define my goals and then gave me tangible action items to work towards. Once I was ready to start actively looking for a … Continue reading Christyn Budzyna, Software Project Manager at Launchpad Lab

Christyn Budzyna, Software Project Manager at Launchpad Lab

I was unsure of where to begin in the job search process. Meeting with Meg helped me identify exactly what I was looking for in my next role and took away all the anxiety of job searching. Meg listened, followed up, and encouraged me every step of the way. I am so glad that I … Continue reading Maria Gabriela Mino, Fullstack Engineer at Balto Software

Maria Gabriela Mino, Fullstack Engineer at Balto Software Gaby Mino, fullstack software engineer

I was struggling with my interviews when I reached out to Meg. She helped me nail down my elevator pitch and reach a better understanding of where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Our sessions gave me the confidence to nail my current position. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Sam Watson, Product Designer at Facebook Sam Watson, Product Designer at Facebook

Not only did Meg make me feel comfortable with the coaching process, she forced me to focus my energy on painting a picture of the ideal future job and environment I wanted. Once that picture was painted, she helped me figure out how to get there, step by step.

Serena Kelleher-Vergantini, Technical Product Manager at Amazon Serena Kelleher Vergantini, Technical Product Manager at Amazon

Meg helped me identify my strengths, articulate the qualities I was looking for in a new role, and conducted an entire mock interview with me. All of her advice and prep helped me nail my current position at a company that meets everything on my check list!

Catherine Fuentealba, Technical Writer at Kustomer Catherine Fuentealba, Technical Writer

Meg was indispensable during my job search. She helped me build a matrix to use when evaluating jobs; this tool helped me figure out where to go next and weed out what didn’t feel like a good fit. With her help, I found a job that ticked nearly all the boxes for me!

Bess Fernandez, Senior Software Engineer at Kuali, Inc. Bess Fernandez is a Senior Software Engineer.

Working with Meg was an insightful and genuinely helpful experience. She empowered me with tools and strategies, asked thoughtful questions, heard what I had to say, and turned that into action. I couldn’t recommend working with Meg more!

Alyssa Edelman, Senior Customer Customer Manager at Greenhouse What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask senior customer success manager Alyssa Edelman.

Meeting with Meg felt like meeting with an old friend. She helped me list out tools that would better assist me with long and short-term goals. Not long after our meeting, I applied for an opportunity in LA and received an offer.

Jac’leen Smith, Associate Producer in TV turned Associate Producer in Documentary Film What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Jac'leen Smith, an associate producer in documentary film.

Meg does a wonderful job of finding the things that make you unique. She focuses on all the positive things that are already part of who you are and highlights them. Meg helped me find a constructive and practical way to be myself in job interviews.

Brendan Meyer, Actor Turned Associate Developer at Rightpoint What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Brendan Meyer, an Associate Developer at Rightpoint.

Meg gave me the confidence to land a job in a new market and in a different country. She helped me to understand my strengths, coached me to display them on my resume and LinkedIn profile, and helped me land a job only three weeks after graduating bootcamp.

Filadelfo Braz, Executive Operations Manager Turned Fullstack Developer at Catch NYC What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Filadelfo Braz, Fullstack Developer at Catch NYC.

Meg was incredibly helpful in beginning my job search as a software engineer. From our first chat to the last, she was welcoming and understanding. Changing careers can be intimidating, but Meg helped me understand exactly what tech companies look for when hiring and gave thorough feedback to make me a stronger candidate.

Ashley Comras, Brand Marketer Turned Software Engineer at Etsy What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Ashley Comras, Software Engineer at Etsy.

Meg is an extremely approachable person who made working on my résumé and career pitch relatively painless. She helped make both my pitch and résumé awesome. When I took a look at the finished products, I felt great about myself!

Hann Hopp, Lab Technician Turned Web Developer at Arena Net What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Hannah Hopp, Web Developer at Arena Net.

Meg draws the answers and stories out of you. Her perspective and insights really boost your confidence. I left our sessions feeling more self-assured with my new skill set and ready for the career transition ahead. Thanks to Meg’s advice, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me!

Nirali Shah, Human Resources Manager Turned Software Development Manager at Rise Buildings What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Nirali Shah, Software Development Manager at Rise Buildings.

After leaving a one-on-one with Meg, I always felt uplifted. Knowing she was in my corner helped me take bigger risks and find a great job that fulfills me.

Sarah Herr, Research Associate Turned Software Engineer at Dotalign, Inc. What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Sarah Herr, Software Engineer at Dotalign, Inc.

Conversations about career with Meg always felt so warm, soothing, and encouraging. She’s a wonderful listener, and always met me where I was at. My stress dissipated as she helped me open my mind to new possibilities and helped me polish my portfolio to get there.

Sophia Ciocca, Management Consultant Turned Software Engineer at The New York Times What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Sophia Ciocca, Software Engineer at the New York Times.

Meg helped me in my career transition from culinary to tech with care and passion. Meg was always enthusiastic, helpful, and forever empowering me in my journey. From details of issues to the grand scheme she is always thinking about attainable actions, and the next steps.

Aria Moraine, Kitchen Manager Turned Front-end Developer at Protenus What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Aria Moraine, Front-end Developer at Protenus.

Meg always reminded me that I wasn’t alone and that I had someone to talk to. In our sessions, Meg listened and helped me organize my thoughts. Her assistance empowered me to take back control of my time and myself. She always communicates with transparency and helped me conquer the fears that held me back.

Blanca Sanchez, Apple Technical Specialist turned Software Engineer at Pinterest What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Blanca Sanchez, Software Engineer at Pinterest.

Meg is incredibly adept at breaking down seemingly insurmountable obstacles into manageable chunks. She comes up with novel approaches that made the unknown a lot less scary. I would not be in the awesome place I am now without Meg’s support.

Leigh Steiner, Small Business Owner turned Fullstack Developer at Locus Analytics What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Leigh Steiner, Software Developer at Locus Analytics.

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