So you've made time to reflect on your career and have some fresh ideas? Congratulations! Kudos to you for carving
A few years ago, I visited my friend, Jon, in Austin, Texas. As a New Yorker, traveling outside my dense
Everyone has that friend with a million ideas who never executes on any of them. This person talks a big
Last year, I watched a CreativeMornings talk by James Greig, a graphic designer, who discussed his experience with burnout, taking
Today’s Tech Role Model is Carly Ayres. Carly is a writer and creative director. Previously, she was a partner at
Today’s Tech Role Model is Shayna Hodkin. Shayna is the Managing Editor of the InVision blog, and even though her
Today’s Tech Role Model is Annabelle Kim. Annabelle is a UX designer from Toronto, Canada who currently is based in
Today's Tech Role Model is Meghan Lazier. Meghan is a UX designer who builds better policy, programs, and services across
Today’s Tech Role Model is Tiffany Taylor. Tiffany is a product designer at Netflix in Los Angeles. Previously, she lived
Today’s Tech Role Model is Ethelia Lung. Ethelia is a Chinese Interaction Designer at YouTube. She currently resides in the