Artsy: 2017 in Visual Culture


Photo: Awol Erizku

I have love for end-of-year lists, but the ones that particularly pique my interest highlight folks who pushed boundaries. With so much readily accessible visual content, who stood out?

This list from Artsy falls into my love category. The 25 honorees worked with a variety of mediums, from Solange’s music and choreographed performance to Magic Leap’s use of augmented reality. Other folks used art as a tangible means to create change, like Agnes Gund, who sold a $165 million Roy Lichtenstein painting and donated $100 million to prison reform. Some works caused controversy, like the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street or Dana Schutz’s “Open Casket.” And of course, the Queen Bey herself broke Instagram record’s with Awol Erizku’s intimate portrait. Excited to see what this crop of creatives makes next year.

Read: “TheYear in Visual Culture,” Artsy

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