Success Stories

Jac'leen Smith Associate Producer in TV turned Associate Producer in documentary film

“Meeting with Meg was like meeting with an old friend. Her warm and attentive  demeanor made it very easy for me to open up to her about my challenges in navigating my career. As a freelancer who has worked in TV production for almost 10 years, I explained to Meg how I'd been wanting to transition into film for some time but not without being met with obstacles. "

"During our meeting, she was able to help me list out tools that would better assist me with long and short-term goals. Not long after our meeting, I applied for an opportunity in LA and was made an offer, and will be taking a chance on myself for the first time in a very long time. Meg's tools truly helped and I am grateful.”

Brendan Meyer Actor turned Associate Developer at Rightpoint

"Meg does a wonderful job of finding the things that make you unique, all the positive things that are already part of who you are, and highlighting them. She helped me find a constructive and practical way to be myself in job interviews."

Filadelfo Braz Executive Operations Manager turned Fullstack Developer at Catch NYC


"Through enthusiastic conversations, Meg gave me the confidence to land a job in a new market and in a different country. She helped me to understand my strengths and coached me to make them more relevant on my resume, LinkedIn profile and my pitch. Working with Meg was definitely one of the keys for landing a job only three weeks after graduating bootcamp."

Ashley Comras Brand Marketer turned Software Engineer at Etsy

Meg was incredibly helpful in beginning my job search as a software engineer. From our first chat to the last, she was welcoming and understanding. Changing careers can be intimidating but Meg helped me understand exactly what tech companies are looking for when hiring. From interview prep to resume review, she gave thorough feedback on ways I could improve to make me a stronger candidate. With her assistance in approaching the job market, I was able to land an awesome job as a Software Engineer at Etsy.

Hannah Hopp Lab Technician turned Web Programmer at Arena Net

Hannah Hopp, developer


Meg is an extremely approachable person who made working on my résumé and career pitch relatively painless. I always enjoyed speaking with her - she is exceptionally warm and kind - and she made me feel confident that I would land a job in this totally new field. She helped make my pitch and résumé both awesome - so much so that when I took a look at the finished products, I felt great about myself!

Luke Pura Lead Web Designer turned Software Engineering Consultant at SPR

Luke Pura, Software Developer"Working with Meg was great! Attempting to pivot my career and pursue my new found passion in software engineering itself felt intimidating, so the idea of confidently presenting myself to future employers was bound to crush me. Luckily, I could rely on Meg every step of the way. From assisting me with my résumé and LinkedIn, to prepping me for interviews and helping me land my elevator pitch, Meg was always in my corner. She is a fantastic listener and communicator, and really takes the time to work with you on an individual basis to make the whole process much less daunting."

Nirali Shah Human Resources Manager turned Software Development Manager at RISE Buildings

software development manager

"Meg was such an amazing resource for me as I transitioned from HR to software engineering. She’s warm, easy to talk to, and an all around positive influence. Coming into our one-on-ones, the imposter syndrome felt all too real. I had doubts about the recruitment process, my ability to answer interview questions, and if I was good enough to land my dream job. Meg draws the answers and stories out of you and lays out the information from a different lens that really boosts your confidence. I left our sessions feeling more self-assured with my new skill set and ready for the career transition ahead. Thanks to Meg’s advice, the recruitment process was a lot less daunting and I was able to land multiple offers in a field that really excites me!"

Sarah Herr Research Associate turned Software Engineer at DotAlign, Inc.

"After leaving a one-on-one with Meg I always felt uplifted. Even when she told me hard things to hear, I always felt encouraged and ready to tackle whatever was next. Meg has amazing interpersonal skills. When I needed assistance in working through a tough situation she was able to pass along her wisdom and teach me skills that translated to my new field and life in general. Starting a new job in a new field is scary. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to have what it took. Meg always encouraged me and knowing she was in my corner helped me take bigger risks that ended up with me getting a great job that fulfills me."


Sophia Ciocca Management Consultant turned Software Engineer at the New York Times

Sophia Ciocca Headshot

"Conversations about career with Meg always felt so warm, soothing, and encouraging. She's a wonderful listener, and always met me where I was at. My stress would dissipate as she helped me open my mind to new possibilities and helped me polish my portfolio to get there."

Aria Moraine Kitchen Manager turned Front End Developer at Protenus

Aria Moraine Headshot

"Meg helped me in my career transition from culinary to tech with care and passion. Meg was always enthusiastic, helpful, and forever empowering me in my journey. From details of issues to the grand scheme she is always thinking about attainable actions, and the next steps."

Blanca Sanchez Apple Technical Specialist turned Full Stack Developer

Blanca Sanchez Headshot

"An immersive software engineering bootcamp comes with many moments where you feel like you’re in unknown territory. In that time of uncertainty, Meg always reached out to remind me that I wasn’t alone and that I had someone to talk to. There was a point where the stress of multiple projects, deadlines, imposter syndrome, and missing home made me feel completely overwhelmed.  Meg was there to listen to me and she helped me organize my jumbled mind which empowered me to take back control of my time and, most importantly, myself. She always communicates with transparency and has helped me conquer the fears that held me back."

Leigh Steiner Small Business Owner turned Fullstack Developer

Leigh Steiner headshot

"Meg has been an invaluable resource to me while going through the process of changing careers. Her breadth of knowledge and insightfulness were both such that I could go to her with any fears or questions that I had about how to structure the next steps in my professional journey, and be utterly confident in getting an answer that kept me on the right track. Meg is incredibly adept at breaking down seemingly insurmountable obstacles into manageable chunks, and coming up with novel approaches that made the unknown a lot less scary. I can say very easily that I would not be in the awesome place I am now without Meg’s support."


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