What's it like to work with a career coach? Ask Nirali Shah, Software Development Manager at Rise Buildings.

Meg was such an amazing resource for me as I transitioned from HR to software engineering. She’s warm, easy to talk to, and an all around positive influence. Coming into our one-on-ones, the imposter syndrome felt all too real. I had doubts about the recruitment process, my ability to answer interview questions, and if I was good enough to land my dream job.

Meg draws the answers and stories out of you. She lays out the information from a different lens that really boosts your confidence. I left our sessions feeling more self-assured with my new skill set and ready for the career transition ahead. Thanks to Meg’s advice, the recruitment process was a lot less daunting. I was able to land multiple offers in a field that really excites me!

Nirali Shah, Human Resources Manager Turned Software Development Manager at Rise Buildings