Today's Tech Role Model is Brook Shelley. Brook lives in Emeryville, CA, with her cat, Snorri, and works for Slack.
Today’s Role Model is Rebecca Poulson. Rebecca studied art history and creative writing in college and then spent her early
Today’s Tech Role Model is Mike Hamilton. Currently, Mike is a Senior Customer Support Manager at FiscalNote, a DC-based software,
Today’s Role Model is Maria Schreiber. As a child, she made her own websites in middle school and took computer
Today's Role Model is Bushra Mahmood. Bushra got her start in tech nearly a decade ago working in motion graphics
Today’s Tech Role Model is Julia Steele. Julia is unflinchingly passionate about empowering others to tell their stories to the
Today’s Role Model is Jon Gabriel. Jon attended the University of Delaware and studied computer science. While he didn't want
Today's Tech Role Model is Morgane Santos. She studied computer science at Berkeley and has worked in tech for about
Today’s Role Model is Heather Stenson. Up until three ago, Heather was a librarian at an art school. Feeling burnt
Today’s Tech Role Model is Una Kravets. Una is an international public speaker, technical writer, and the Director of Product