Today’s Tech Role Model is Jessica Strelioff. Jessica is a Creative Director at Upperquad in San Francisco. In this role,
Today’s Role Model is Milan Moffatt. Milan is an NYC-based designer, educator and mentor leading all things design at SuperHi.
Today’s Role Model is Jinjin Sun. Jinjin a freelance product designer who illustrates on the side.
Today’s Role Model is Ari Melenciano. Ari is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher and DJ.
Today's Role Model is Chantel Zapata Pray. Chantel currently works as a Senior Product Designer at WW (Weight Watchers) where
Today’s Tech Role Model is Diana Lopez. Diana is a self-taught freelance digital designer and developer. She specializes in web
Today’s Role Model is Hope Pettway. Hope is the Director of Program Management at Skillz, which was named the fastest-growing
Today's Role Model is Emily Withrow. Emily is director of the Quartz Bot Studio, where she writes, designs, and builds
Today’s Role Model is Sarah Withee. Sarah is a software engineering generalist for the data pipeline team at She
Today's Role Model is Kate Caldwell. Kate pivoted into software engineering after starting her career in the publishing industry. Currently,